Team TriMAC is a premier triathlon team based in Houston, Texas. Operated by Multisports Dynamics Corporation, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle, friendly competitiveness and a fun environment for athletes of all levels to train towards their individual goals. We’re devoted to a close relationship with our members, sponsors, partners and supporters. Team TriMAC is composed of triathletes and duathletes of all ages and experience levels, from the first timers hoping to complete their first triathlon, to the seasoned triathletes looking to take their training to a new level and achieve that elusive personal record.


Multisports Dynamics Corporation
“It’s the way we train that makes the difference…”


Personal attention, care and supervision of an experienced Coach make the difference in all aspects, being in touch on a daily basis with The Coach allows constant feedback between the Athlete and the Coach. This allows the Coach to design a more accurate Training Plan by making the proper adjustments of the key
workouts to guarantee the individual athlete’s maximum performance, recovery and peak shape for Race Day. There is a significant difference between a Personal Coaching Plan and training plans pre-designed in books, magazines and even online. While this could work for certain athletes, in reality those plans do not necessarily fit each individual’s needs.



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